Audio Tracking & Recording

Every great album starts with a great recording. 

Whether you’re working on a demo, single, EP, or full-length album, tracking is the first step in producing your next hit. Tracking is the process of recording high-quality, isolated audio for each performer or instrument. Recording each sound source individually not only allows artists limitless creativity, but also gives our engineers what they need to produce a great sounding mix.     

We know that no two projects are the same. For that reason, 1110 Studios offers artists the flexibility to track individually or as a full band to capture an their sound and realize their vision as authentically as possible. 

Studio Recording Services

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Solo Tracking

Looking for a more intimate feel? Tracking one instrument or performer at a time allows our engineers to record high quality audio in perfect isolation. This allows our artists to focus on getting the perfect take.


1110 Studios also offers mobile recording for artists who wish to track individually wherever they choose – giving them the flexibility to record wherever they feel the most comfortable and creative. 

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Full Band Recording

Some of the greatest albums in history were captured by just putting great musicians together in the same room. We offer full band tracking capabilities to help give your recordings the same energy and excitement as your live performances. 


Designed with flexibility in mind, our fully mobile recording rig can be set up just about anywhere and easily handle even the most complex sessions.