Audio Mastering

Bigger. Louder. Real.

The mastering process is the final step in preparing your recordings for distribution and is the last critical connection between your artistic vision and a radio-ready sound.

During the mastering process, our engineers make final adjustments to your track’s tonal balance, intensity, equalization, and stereo image to help unify their sound. Mastering also optimizes sound files so that they sound their absolute best across all systems and devices.


Mastering Checklist

Set yourself up for success. Be sure to check out our mastering checklist before sending us your files! 

  • Don’t count on ‘fixing it in mastering.’ Make sure you are happy with your mix BEFORE sending it out! While some issues can be addressed during the mastering process, there is nothing we can do to fix a problematic mix. 
  • Don’t over-compress your tracks! Leaving a little headroom in your pre-mastering mix ensures that your tracks will sound amazing after mastering. We typically recommend around -8dB to -4dB of headroom as a good starting point.
  • Make sure your mix is not clipping! Unintended distortion can ruin a track and there is no way to remove it within the mastering process. 
  • Avoid adding effects on your master fader. Adding small amounts of global reverb and / or saturation is fine, but too much can be problematic for mastering and affect your final product.
  • Make sure you are happy with how each track sits in the mix and relates to one other before sending any tracks to mastering. This includes all volumes, panning, EQ, and effects. 
  • Take a break between mixing and sending your tracks out for mastering. Allowing for some space before starting the mastering process can do wonders for helping to add clarity in decision making.